Parent Council

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The support of parents / carers makes a real difference to children's learning. When parents / carers are involved, children and young people do better and achieve more.

The Role of the Parent Council

The Parent Council fulfils many roles. It:

  • works together with everyone involved in school life - parents / carers, learners, teachers, school staff and the wider community - to support the school

  • ensures that all parents / carers have a say in their children's education - and are able to express their views and wishes

  • builds links and involve parents / carers with the wider learning community - nurseries and pre-school groups, other schools and services

  • listens to what parents / carers want the Parent Council to do and reports back to the Parent Forum on its activities and parents / carers can get involved.


Office Bearers   - 2017 - 2018

Denise Rozga (Chair)

Georgina Kitching (Secretary)

Claire Fletcher (Treasurer)


The Parent Council became recognised in law from August 2007.  To find out more about parents as partners in children's learning, please contact either the school, Community Services:Education (01369 708526) or visit the Parentzone website.