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We got our Green Flag in October 2010 and are very proud of all the work we have done to make our school a more sustainable one.  Our eco schools work has become part of what we do every day, so much so that our Green Flag was renewed in March 2013.  We have just  applied to renew our Green Flag by letting EcoSchools Scotland know about the work we have done on our Litter, Waste Minimisation and Sustaining our World themes.  We are still working towards becoming a Fair Trade school.  Our next topics are Food and the Environment, Transport and Litter. Have a look at our new action plans.


We have reduced the waste we produce in school by two thirds by providing bins throughout school that are labelled 'general waste' and 'recycling'.  We used the bins for about a month, then we asked our janitor Ann how we were doing.  She wrote us a letter praising everyone for their efforts and telling us to keep it up!  We are continuing composting all our food waste either in the compost bins or the wormery.  All our snack/tuck peelings and scraps, plus the food left over at lunchtime, are reused.  


Biodiversity/School grounds - we are continuing to develop our school grounds to provide different environments for wildlife.  Scarlet planted more native trees in our wild area as well as in the 'bushes' where we like to play.  We have continued to keep our willow tunnel pruned and will weave the long branches into the frame at our next day of action.  The bird feeders are full of birds, especially when the weather is very cold.

Water - a new water butt has been installed in our early level outdoor area.  We've been using it for our mud kitchen!  That means we have two water butts to help us save water.

Energy - James and Dyllan have produced a graph showing our electricity usage for last year.  Our next steps are to concentrate on keeping heaters at the correct temperature so we're not too hot and not too cold (which is hard as they are storage heater which are not very responsive) and to write to the council to see whether our school is on their list for changing the heating system for a more ecologically friendly one such as biofuel.  We'd also like to investigate the use of solar panels.


This is our Eco Code!


We are starting a herb project where we plant herbs and supply the shop.  In our poly tunnel we have planted coriander, parsley and basil. We have named our project Heroic Herbs.  We had a competition to see what label we would have and Finlay's design won.  Claire Fletcher (mum of Scarlet, Tabby and Kitty) and Sarah Compton Bishop have been helping us to think about packaging, business advice such as how to sell the herbs.  We're hoping the first crop will be in the shop soon.  Scarlet P6 and Jayla P1

This is the winning logo.